Community Outreach Initiatives

The Centre for Community Awareness program has an initiative to support community empowerment and help unite communities together; and has been introduced to improve services to vulnerable young people between 10 and 35 years.

These outreach programmes involve youth awareness programs, positive attitude for life cultural program, sports tournaments, national culture nights, public debates and forums & research, discussion forums and workshops, national awareness campaigns, capacity building and youth empowerment, awareness rising of gender based violence and HIV/AIDS, IDPs & child protection, human rights & peace awareness, humanitarian service & emergency response, education, healthcare, sheltering, WASH, agriculture and livelihood; human rights investigation, documentation, monitoring and advocacy, psychosocial and financial support of victims, promotion for peace and development; protection of environment, civic education and women empowerment.

CCA Somalia also provides community outreach services for media development, research and training for journalists and photographers working in different regions of Somalia. CCA Somalia conducts workshops and trainings to ensure journalists exercise their freedom of speech, work ethics and are fully focussed on the core principles of journalism.